Beit Midrash

Beit Midrash

 Beit Midrash Program  

The WBM's Community Beit Midrash in partnership with the Katedra


 Online classes via Zoom 

1st annual class: 90 NIS per month

2nd annual class: 55 NIS per month

3rd annual class: 45 NIS per month

4th annual class: free 

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Please note: We cannot accept Diner's type credit card

145 NIS per month

 Sara Tesler, Sara Jo Ben Zvi

R' Jonathan Mishkin, Mali Brofsky, and Bracha Krohn

 Oct. 13-Jun. 15  Full Tues. Morning Program  9:00-11:15  TUES
145 NIS per month Shani Taragin and Dr. Lisa Fredman  Oct. 14 - Jun. 16  Full Wed. Morning Program  8:50-11:15  WED 
190 NIS per month All  Oct. 13 - Jun. 16  Entrance to all Tues. and Wed. classes    Tue & Wed 
90 NIS per month Sara Tesler and Sara Jo Ben Zvi  Oct. 13 - Jun. 15  Tues Timeslot 1 - Annual  9:00-10:00    TUES   
315 NIS  Sara Tesler  Oct. 13 - Dec. 8  Politics and Pilpul: The Forces that Shaped Chazal's Worldview and the Jewish Calendar 
 NIS 630 Sara Jo Ben Zvi Dec. 22 - Jun. 15 

The Price of Gold: Poets, Politicians, Mystics and Messiahs in the Golden Age of Spain

90 NIS per month  R' Jonathan Mishkin, Mali Brofsky & Bracha Krohn Oct. 13 - Jun. 15  Tues. Timeslot 2 - Annual 10:15-11:15 TUES
315 NIS  Rabbi Jonathan Mishkin  Oct. 13- Dec. 8   Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About Judaism 
285 NIS  Mali Brofsky Dec. 22- Feb. 9   Textual and Theological Themes in Megilot Esther and Ruth
450 NIS  Bracha Krohn  Feb. 16 - Jun. 15 King David's Siddur: Tehillim in our Tefila
 90 NIS per month  Shani Taragin Oct. 13-Jun. 16 Shmuel Bet - The Days of David: Dynasty & Destiny 8:50-10:00 WEDS
90 NIS per month  Dr. Lisa Fredman  Oct. 13-Jun. 16  Uncovering Her-Story: Sister and Daughter Narratives in Torah  10:15-11:15  WEDS 


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The Women’s & Community Beit Midrash of Efrat and Gush Etzion (The WBM), founded in 1998, by Batya Hefter, is a vibrant community organized around Torah study for women and men of all ages and backgrounds. In our encounter with classic Jewish sources, we encourage personal growth through conversation and introspection, aiming to break rote behavior and to create a more knowledgeable, tolerant, socially active, and spiritually engaged society

.We look forward to a fruitful year of learning together, as The WBM offers classes in partnership with Matnas Gush Etzion's Katedra  

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