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חוגים כללי

Beit Midrash Classes

Annual Classes 2021-2

 Beit Midrash Program  

The WBM's Community Beit Midrash in partnership with the Katedra

 Classes at Beit Knesset Tiferet Avot in Efrat

with option to connect via Zoom 

 1st annual class: 120 NIS per month

2nd annual class: 70 NIS per month

Full membership - all Tue. and Wed. classes: 230 NIS per month

Classes begin Oct. 5, 2021

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 Tue classes

Wed classes

Day tours

Got any questions? Need help? Contact program coordinator, Aliza Grynberg: 052-5975935

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Annual class - 1080 NIS

Semester class - 600 NIS

Please note: We cannot accept Diner's type credit card

Beit Midrash Classes
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