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Blessing of a Broken Heart

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The Blessing of a Broken Heart

by Todd Salovey, based on the book by Sherri Mandell

Heichal Tarbut Gush Etzion

Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 19:30 

Ticket price 90 NIS, 65 NIS for soldiers/sherut leumi. 


Sherri Mandell wrote a heartrending and hope-giving book in the year after her 13-year-old son’s brutal murder in a cave in Tekoa during the Second Intifada. Todd Salovey's play brings that year searingly to life. Theater and Theology’s production adds an ensemble of four skilled performers who limn the experience and emotions of the character of Sherri by creating scenes and songs, and even set pieces and obstacles, with their voices and bodies in a powerful augmentation of the text. Audiences will find themselves deeply invested in Sherri’s fight to create meaning from tragedy in this true story that is so particular to the Israeli, and Gush-Etzion, experience.


After the performance, there will be an interview with Sherri and Rabbi Seth Mandell about Koby, good and evil, faith and doubt, and grief and resilience.

Performance: ~90 minutes | Discussion: ~45 minutes.


Produced by Theater and Theology

Written by Todd Salovey | Based on the book by Sherri Mandell

Actors: Rebecca Sykes (Sherri) with Dena Davies, Gillian Kay , Shifra Levy, and Howard Metz.

Direction: Yael Valier | Production Design: John Krug | Props and Stage Management: Shari Greenspan | Original Music: Shifra Levy | Production Assistance: Sheva Lipkind

For phone bookings and accessible seating, and to read more about the company, play, cast, crew, and speakers go to

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